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Lightning is a natural phenomenon that could generate heavy voltage surges that could prove fatal by directly hitting your home. This can strike the electrical wiring of the house, causing severe damage. Furthermore, lightning could strike any object close to your home, for instance, a tree. Lightning arresters have come into use in these types of situations. Your house or building's circuit is safe from lightning strikes with a high-quality Lightning Arresters Kottayam. It is used to protect your electrical equipment from lightning strikes. Lighting arresters, in other words, divert high voltages of electricity to the ground without affecting your home or surroundings.

The Prominence of Lightning Arresters

The significant advantage of lightning arresters is, of course, minimising property damage. Installing an arrester on a building can prevent structural damage to the property in the event of a lightning strike or similar electric discharge. Installing arresters can help you save a lot of money, especially if your property is in an area that is regularly exposed to lightning. This may be due to the location, materials used in your home, and many other factors. Quality arresters can also save you from secondary damage, like preventing lighting hits on trees nearby, which may cause branches to fall on your home.

How to Install Lightning Arresters?

A lightning strike can be dangerous because it raises the ground potential of the area, which can cause harm to people or damage to your electric equipment in an unprotected setup. As the leading Lightning Arresters Kottayam, Kerala, we have extensive experience in lightning arresters for homes and buildings.

Step 1: The top of the device should be installed at least 2 meters over the shielding area.
Step 2: When routing the down conductor, ensure that it is as straight as possible, has the shortest path length possible, and avoids sharp turns, bends, or inverted sections, with a bend radius of at least 20 cm or more.
Step 3: The grounding system should be placed in an accessible cage for easy periodic inspection.
Step 4: Lightning arresters are standard installations that your builders should provide as part of the extra building installations according to local building codes.

Why Alpha Technologies for Lightning Arresters Kottayam, Kerala?

Alpha Technologies has provided electronic security and communications solutions for nearly two decades. According to statistics, approximately 2000 lightning bolts strike the earth's surface each minute. Alpha Technologies has come up with excellent solutions like Lightning Arresters Kottayam, Kerala. All of our arresters for home and building devices are specially designed and engineered with remarkable technology to ensure complete safety for our customers. We provide high-quality lightning arresters for both home and building needs. Alpha is now one of the leading names in providing lightning arresters in Kottayam, Alappuzha, and Pathanamthitta. We are renowned for our committed team that provides complete after-sales support.

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